Jackstand Pads

2 5/8" x 4 5/8" - Jackstand Pad Pair (#2004)

2 5/8" x 4 5/8" - Jackstand Pad Pair (#2004)


PROTECH’s soft Jackstand Pads are the perfect compliment to our Jack Pads. Now you can work on your car with complete confidence that you’ll never scratch your chassis again. All those tricked out, expensive, chrome, stainless, painted or anodized parts will stay looking good. PROTECH Jackstand Pads provide a soft cushion over the hard metal heads of your jackstands, cradling your precious chassis in complete protection. The jackstand pads will last forever and are made out of the same durable, patented material as the jack pads. Simply place these pads over your jackstands and you are protected. Considering their lasting power and the damage potential from unprotected metal, they’re extremely affordable.

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